About Indian Yoga School

Yoga is an ancient art and it is everything for us. As our domain indianyoga.school reflecting our object, we breathe, live, and practice yoga every day. We believe that this simple yoga science can help in uplifting body, soul, and mind in its truest sense. Studios under Indian Yoga School are known as Yoga360 that may be a reflection of our essence mentioned within the previous sentence.
Indian Yoga School operates its state-of-the-art yoga teacher training centers and studios from heritage and cosmopolitan cities and Indian including one location in out of the country viz., Gokarna, Bengaluru, Mysuru, Hampi, Varkala, and Mauritius. We are committed to reaching out to people from all spheres transforming their lives with the help of finest yoga teachers. Be it a corporate or common household, at Yoga360, yoga is taught the way it is meant to be. Straight from the heart; Reaching one's soul.
We help and collaborate with the people touching their lives with yoga for their soul-satisfying passionate teachers, well-being, and dynamic entrepreneurs as partners to set up Yoga360 Studios for their financial prosperity. It's on you, how you look at it; we promise and assure you for life transformation for the better future.

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Indian Yoga School runs the chain of yoga studios under the brand name Yoga360.