Indian Yoga School

About us

Yoga is everything for us. We live, breathe and practice yoga - evident and reflecting in our domain, where we believe in uplifting the body, mind and soul in its truest sense. Our studios are called Yoga360 which is a reflection of our essence mentioned in the previous sentence. operates its state-of-the-art studios and training centers from cosmopolitan and heritage cities in India viz., Bengaluru, Gokarna, Hampi, Mysuru and Varkala. With its finest yoga teachers we reach out to people from all spheres transforming their lives. Be it corporate or common household, at Yoga360, yoga is taught the way it is meant to be. Straight from the heart; Reaching ones soul.

We collaborate and help people touching their lives with yoga for their well-being, soul satisfying passionate teachers and dynamic entrepreneurs as partners to set up Yoga360 studios for their financial prosperity. Any way you look at it; we assure transformed lives for the better.

Our Mission of

Indian Yoga School

Our corporate enterprise Anubhava Mantapa Private Limited under which is a unit and Yoga360 – our brand of authentic yoga studios have our mission statement very clearly articulated.
“Contribute to the betterment of society pursuing and imparting ancient, authentic yoga for a greater body, mind and spirit.”

Our Core Values

at Indian Yoga School

“There is nothing as pure as knowledge in this world. In due course, one who is perfect in yoga realizes this.”
Personal Yoga - a fun, welcoming and authentic environment for all. We offer modifications for all poses for both beginners and advanced practitioners.
Quality and Professionalism in all that we do - we have high standards for ourselves and you should too.
Continuous Improvement and Innovation - we continue to seek professional development so we too can learn and grow as instructors.
Live with Intention and Step into Action - we practice what we preach, stand up for what we believe in and support those who need it most.
Cultivate Love - love for ourselves, each other, and the world.