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Indian Yoga School is India’s Premier Yoga school specializing in training Yoga practitioners from all over the world as Yoga teachers and is rated by our students as the Best Yoga Teacher training school in India for 200-hour Yoga teacher training courses, Yoga workshops, Yoga retreats and Master’s Yoga workshops for the most advanced practitioners.

Indian Yoga School strives to provide world-class Yoga teacher training to aspiring Yoga enthusiasts who wish to begin their journey as formal Yoga teachers. The training is dealt with great professionalism where aspirants are provided with 28 days of rigorous Yoga teacher training in the School campus at Varkala, Nepal (Pokhara), Mysore and Hampi. These Yoga sessions are conducted in the state-of-the-art studios called Yoga 360.

Teaching Yoga can be an ambition for many. This course allows yoga enthusiasts to turn their dream of becoming a Yoga teacher into reality. Once you become a registered Yoga teacher, you develop an ability to transform lives.

We, at Indian Yoga School, India’s best Yoga school educate eager minds through the teacher training course (RYT) that’s 200 Hours of well-rounded sessions with experts. With the RYT, you are well on the way to becoming a full-fledged Yoga teacher.

In fact, we take immense pride in our highly qualified full-time Indian Yoga teachers who come with years of experience. Our Yoga teachers are unquestionably the best you will find in the world. They inspire you to take a plunge into the world of Yoga packed with in-depth knowledge, practice. These experts have dedicated the journey of their life to yogic spiritualism. They have studied and practiced Yoga and have been teaching Teacher Training Courses for decades.

Indian Yoga School operates its school in India at Mysore, Varkala, Hampi, Gokarna , Bengaluru (Bangalore) Nepal and Mauritius The program is perfect for individuals who are looking to kick-start their journey to become Yoga teachers with the best Indian Yoga School. The program is tailor-made to suit your needs so that your career as a Yoga Teacher has a perfect start.

The School also offers Daily Yoga, Pregnancy Yoga, Children Yoga and Corporate Yoga at Bengaluru in its state of the art studios and Ashrams at Bengaluru with its best yoga teachers deputed to create > Body > Mind >Spirit to make the world a much more better place to live in .

The Indian Yoga School hosts the finest of Indian Yoga teachers with experience of both teaching and practicing authentic yoga. The Indian Yoga School is happy to join in hands with yoga teachers and preachers around the globe to be part of our encompassing programs. The best teacher is the one who has the ultimate goal to ‘Inspire Passion for a Practice’.

India Yoga School an unit of Anubhava Mantapa Pvt with its brand Yoga 360 works in the area of Yoga and Organic/ Natural products for providing > BODY > MIND > SPIRT.

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Being India’s best Indian Yoga Teacher Training School, our core objective is to teach individuals and practitioners not just with the authentic yoga as per the scriptures but also a knowledge-based application-oriented program.

Our courses are designed by the Yogi’s from the ancient monasteries, yoga ashrams who are part of the school and have decades of experience in practicing and training Yoga.

The core objective of the Indian Yoga School is to impart knowledge based yogic education from the basics to the most advised studies in Yoga. The courses are designed based on Patanjali yoga sutras and the curriculum is based on Basics of Yoga, Yoga Philosophy, Yoga physiology, Yoga anatomy, Hatha Yoga, Ashtanga Yoga, teaching methodologies, the business of yoga and many more advanced practices including the third eye awakening with Istalinga Yoga.

At Indian yoga school, we believe Yoga is for everyone. Our main goal is to invite people from all walks of life, cater to their self-
improvement, prosperity 
and satisfaction by offering the most authentic and highly
transformative yoga classes for a greater body, a greater mind and a
greater spirit. 

Our diverse yoga courses help students to make meaningful contributions to society as engaged citizens and leaders in a complex

The course module is the unique feature of The Indian School. The School offers the most enchanting experience of learning yoga; nonetheless, it is exciting and fun at the same time. We emphasize on the physical, mental and spiritual health in the community in our entire
curriculum. The Indian school provides.

Learning and training is a joy with Indian Yoga School and is an
experience of a life time

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Our point is to construct wonderful spots of yoga centres where our yogis, teachers and practitioners can find their boundless potential.  A place that difficulties the brain, mends the body, and fortifies one's soul 
Yoga is different perspectives for different people. It is wellness, it is well-being, it is unwinding, it is changing, it is the opening of new potential outcomes, and it is the group.
That is the reason The Indian Yoga School has chosen the best Yoga spots in the world some untapped and some hubs for the Yogi who seeks to get trained with leisure at mind, body and spirit.



Scholarship Program at Mysore - RYT 200 ( Yoga Alliance and IndianYoga.School certification ) In Yoga Teacher Training In Mysore

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Children Workshop In Banglore

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Daily Yoga In Banglore

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Yoga Retreat at Hampi In Yoga In Hampi

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Corporate Yoga

Blue collars. Black souls. Reduce stress at the workplace!

Personal Yoga

Life demands everything. Take control through yoga.

Yoga for the mother-to-be

Make childbirth less painful and more joyful!

Yoga for Children

Flexible minds. Flexible bodies. Sow the seeds Of yoga early!

RYT-200 hour course

Become a yoga teacher to transform lives:

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<p>The course module is the unique feature of The Indian School. The institute offers the most enchanting experience of learning yoga; nonetheless, it is exciting and fun at the same time. We emphasize on the physical, mental and spiritual health in the community in our entire curriculum. The Indian school provides</p>

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Indian Yoga School programs are to educate the individuals to bring the best teacher in you with high

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