Vision: operates its studios under the brand name Yoga360. A Yoga360 franchise is a great opportunity for those who wish to teach yoga professionally and make a positive difference in peoples’ lives. Our belief is that yoga is for everyone and our goal is to help people turn yoga into their lifestyle as well as a full time career. With our proven yoga business model you will be able to jump start your yoga studio in the best possible way.

Being a Yoga360 franchisee takes a lot of passion. The boundless potential to breathe in benefits of yoga in terms of lifting the body, the mind and soul; and is key to our essence. But in the real world, yoga has various connotations to people. Given the diverse benefits of yoga, our aim is to amalgamate various perspectives aligning them to a common thread that uplifts the well-being.

Yoga360 is backed with years of well experienced teachers and a business acumen that truly works well in terms of both – imparting yoga the way it should be and a sustained business model ensuring financial prosperity.

Anyway you look at it – it is a win-win deal. Passion, dedication and perseverance is what we look in our partners in India and the rest of the world. Let us know if you are ready to start a Yoga360 Studio. For, success is waiting to embrace you.


School Franchise:

TheIndian Yoga School Franchise is an incredible open door for theindividuals who wish to show yoga professionally, yet don't have themuch earlier business encounter. With our demonstrated yoga plan ofaction, you will have the capacity to kick off your yoga school inthe ideal way. We will probably enable individuals to transform yogainto their way of life and in addition a full-time profession. Ouryoga establishment framework is gone down with our times ofinstructing and market experience. A demonstrated and a plan ofaction from our main Yoga center to the branch of yoga chain in Indiaare same.

WhyIndian Yoga

School Franchise?

  • The opportunity to gain from our school involvement and aptitudes to maintain strategies to avoid a posh studio set up and the market loss of yoga
  • Legitimate preparing in yoga instructing and the abilities required for maintaining an effective yoga business.
  • Finish direction and progressing coaching from specialists in the field.
  • Very much explored and class calendars, structures, and other instructing material.
  • Free promoting is an advantage.
  • Level yearly expenses rather rate based charges structure.
  • Full help by means of telephone, email, and Skype.
  • Access to Indian Yoga School material, week by week class plans, asana groupings.
  • Finish support and direction to set up your yoga studio from the scratch.
  • The direction in satisfying proficient and legitimate prerequisites.
  • Customary preparing in promoting, customer relationship building, restoration techniques and notoriety building methodologies.
  • Direction and support in class organizing and circumstance taking care of.

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